June 5th 2012
Recently the CREW took to the streets of Camden looking for information found around town including the time of high tide that day and the different wars listed on the War Memorial in the Village Green. The real competition came later though when they had to answer questions about each other to see who had really won the competition, an activity designed to build relationships within the group.


June 14th 2012
While the school year is winding down, the CREW, Camden Hills mentoring program, is still in full swing. CREW members could be found last Thursday in the foods room at Camden Hills Regional High School. Cathy Ames-Cruz, Residential Living Skills Coordinator at the Community School, volunteered to come teach the CREW how to make candy. The group had a great time making caramel, cashew brittle and peanut butter balls.
candy making for wiki 2.jpgCandy making for wiki 3.jpgCandy Making for wiki.jpg


June 1st 2012
Rockport Mini Golf opened special on Thursday for the CREW to come out and enjoy the gorgeous weather. CREW members broke into groups and spent time completing the eighteen hole course. Before starting each hole, the members were expected to answer a specific question or complete a silly task. Members took turns trying to get their ball through the windmill and past the hanging bats. There was much discussion and laughter throughout.


May 3rd 2012
CREW members also traveled to the Penobscot Bay YMCA for some time in the pool. The group played Marco Polo, sharks and minnows and keep away. Everyone in attendance had a good time.


April 26th 2012
May 10, 2012 --- The CREW, Camden Hills based mentoring program, headed out to Oakland Park Lanes recently for a little friendly competition. The bowling alley was filled with the sounds of cheering, disappointment and praise as each bowler did their best. Mentors and students worked together to score the game, quickly catching on to the system. One strike and many gutter balls later, the winner had been declared, losers did the the chicken dance, and peace descended on the bowling alley once again.


April 12th 2012
The mentoring group at Camden Hills Regional High School, The CREW, headed out to the Camden Rockport Animal Rescue league last week. They worked together to help around the shelter. Students and mentors alike raked, cleaned up different areas and socialized the cats. CREW members cleaned up the gardens, raking leaves and pulling dead debris and weeds. They also headed behind the shelter to clean out the dog cages. A few mice and screams later, the kennels were ready.

Inside, litter boxes were cleaned and cats were entertained. Some CREW members used laser pointers and toys to play with the cats, while some just sat and brushed or pet the more relaxed felines.


March 29th 2012
It was red versus yellow when the CREW split into two teams to play a game of flag football in the high school parking lot. Some of the mentors had never played before and students were eager to share the rules and their strategies. Mike, a mentor and former I.T. guru from the U.K. was a bit confused about our American version of the game, which made for an amusing and enthusiastic discussion between himself and another mentor. The students were definitely the stars of the game, making all the big plays and having a great time out running the mentors. Everyone had a great time!

After the game, the CREW made their way inside to gather for some tea and hot chocolate and talk about how everyone feels the group is going so far. One student put it best stating, “I come to connect,” the first word in the acronym for the CREW.


March 8th 2012
Nan, a mentor in the CREW, brought samples of student created superheroes to a recent meeting. After seeing the samples, students voted and decided to create their own. This week they began the process, making superheroes that represent them. Even those reluctant drawers participated. “I am not much of a drawer, but having the specific steps made it much easier to draw,” stated Mike, mentor, in a closing discussion about the activity.
Nan_Cassie_and_Anna_Draw.JPG Quinn_Drawing.JPG Cassie_and_Ian_at_window.JPG


February 16th 2012
The CREW met over pizza to discuss what the group code should be. They agreed that values such as RESPECT, LOYALTY, TEAMWORK, PERSEVERANCE, & FUN best exemplified what each CREW member will bring to the group throughout their time together. Together the group painted their values on a flag and signed it. The flag is now proudly hung at CREW headquarters. Afterward the group shared laughs playing a game of Apples to Apples.
anna_paints_crew_flag.jpg sierra_paints_flag.jpgCREW_Flag.jpggroup_apples_to_apples.jpg


January 26th 2012
The CREW ventured out to the Snow Bowl for tubing, where everyone was brave enough to participate, even if there was some screaming involved. They have created a contract that they agree to follow describing the expectations when they are together and proudly displayed on a group created banner in the room. The CREW has recently brainstormed and voted on activities that they would like to participate in. They have decided that between March and June they would like to participate in archery, paintball, making super heroes, candy making, swimming at the YMCA, mountain biking, volunteering at the animal shelter, racing remote control cars and helicopters, playing flag football, and holding a Wii video game tournament, all while focusing on building relationships within the group
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